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About Gaatu

Gaatu Launches Pandemic Relief Initiative 

Date: 4/9/2020 Thursday,,;

      MedShare provides warehousing, distribution, hospital/recipient validation, donation acceptation;


     Gaatu provides sourcing, importer of record, supplier validation, device validation

  • Visit for supplies that could be sourced and procured, and shipped to US clinics/hospitals
  • Contact:  Tel: 408-513-5805


    Flexport provides logistics, freight forwarding, custom clearance

  • Visit
  • May provide subsidized shipping through humanitarium fund


Services Provided

   Donation shipping and custom clearance from China to US  

  • Contact Gaatu – Cell: 408-513-5805
  • Flexport will provide shipping service
  • may subsidize part of the shipping cost
  • MedShare to validate the recipient qualification

   Procure pandemic relief PPEs for clinics/hospitals/government agencies

  • Goto, register and find supplies or go to to request supplies;
  • will validate that recipient is an accredited hospital or medical facility or local government.
  • Donator to confirm the estimated cost of goods + shipping cost + custom duty if any;
  • Gaatu will source the PPEs on behalf of the donator
  • Gaatu to validate that the manufacturers are FDA registered, and their products and devices are listed on FDA; and manufacturer are registered with Chinese government with export qualification;
  • Gaatu will import them into USA and providing custom clearance documentations
  • Flexport will provide freight forwarding service, and clear custom
  • Flexport may subsidize some freight costs if qualified
  • Will deliver to the qualified recipient (hospital or medical facility or government)

Note:  We strictly serve the communities for the relief effort only. We do not serve any commercial business for their purchases and will not deliver to any business other than US hospitals, medical facilities, or US local government.


Cost & Fees

  • Gaatu Provide the sourcing services Completely Free, for the humanitarian purpose.
  • Gaatu will purchase, ship, clear custom on behalf of Clinics/Hospital/Govenrment Agency/Non-Profit Organizations
  • Flexport may subsidize some or all of the freight and shipping cost for humanitarian purpose
  • The total cost are Cost of Goods, Freight and delivery, Custom clerance.



   Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in San Francisco



Mr. Ben PU (浦玉斌) Gaatu Inc        (408)513-5805  
Mr. WANG Han (王瀚 领事) 

Consulate General of the

People's Republic of China

in San Francisco